Here are some behind the scenes (and behind the seams) photos—a glimpse at what goes on in the Doll Studio before a photograph makes it onto the blog.

1) February 2, 2012 - A preview of an upcoming ensemble…Right now, I am adding some bead fringe to this old Barbie dress. I have also added bead embroidery on the bodice and lengthened the dress by sewing on strips of black tulle. It’ll be on the blog very soon! 

2) February 4, 2012 - …still a work in progress as of today. I’ve added more bead fringe. I expect to work on this for a few more days, since I only have the patience for an hour of bead embroidery a day. LOL

3) February 16, 2012 - Here’s another “behind the scenes” photo of the Life in Plastic Doll Studio.  Perhaps you’ll recognize some of the recently featured dolls.  Front and center is an upcoming post: Ken’s shiny new Mini Cooper!!! Barbie® can’t wait to go for a ride! :)

4) February 24, 2012 - What can I say? Barbie truly does have a shoe obsession!

5) March 18, 2012 - I made this OOAK lamp for my Barbie® den, where I store and display my dolls.

6) June 12, 2012 - I made this OOAK swing with a piece of wood and some twined hemp from the craft store.  It’s hanging from the ceiling in between my Barbie display cabinets.  It’s currently occupied by a re-bodied Barbie® Basics Model No. 03 Collection 002 wearing an Eaki gown and original earrings, which I also made.